Specials & Custom Refrigerator Seals & Gaskets

We Specialise in Custom PVC Extrusions.

If you cant find the seal you are looking for, or have an old, rare or uncommon fridge or have a customised or made-to-order refrigerator or equipment, we can make almost any seal or gasket to order to meet your exact specifications and performance requirements.

Simply call us during office hours or use the contact form on this page and fill out your details and we will contact you to determine the best seal or gasket that meets your requirements. Then we will produce it and ship it to you. It's a quick and easy process and ensures you get the exact seal or gasket you need.

Trade or Wholesale Customer? Have an unusual or challenging requirement?

As a manufacturer we supply and distribute our seals and gaskets to an extensive network of re-sellers, repair professionals and associated trades Australia wide.

Contact Us and let us know what you are looking for or send us your specifications or profile diagram or CAD file and we will fabricate your gasket or seal to meet your exact requirements and specifications.

Call us now on 03 9587 8388 or send your requirements in an email to sales@austplas.com.au

Austwide Plastics are the refrigerator and freezer gasket and seal manufacturing experts.

We have been manufacturing and supplying fridge and freezer door seals for domestic and commercial equipment for over 25 years.

We manufacture, stock and supply seals and gaskets for hundreds of refrigerator brands and can custom manufacture a seal or gasket to order to meet your exact requirements.

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