Fridge SEAL

Seals are made up of four pieces of pvc gasket with magnetic strips inserted into the top compartment and welded at the four corners to form picture frame shaped seals.

For most of the fridges, the magnetic seals are the only mechanism of a fridge that will ensure doors are tightly shut.

PVC Compound

Material-dataAUS-PVC 7899
Density g/cc1.41-1.45
Hardness Shore A78+3
Tensile Stress N/sq. mm.2> 12
Elongation at break %> 250
Migration of plastizer mg< 10
Test in tropical conditionsDoes not stick
Fungicidial material compositionyes

Magnetic Strips

ArticleSize mmNumber of polesN/cmM/spoolKg/100mt
MG9831 616 0909.8 x 3.130.3635010.54
MG9327 602 9839.3 x 2.730.344009.07
MG 1243212.4 x 3.23